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Audit Process for Auditing Organisation:

Typically, an audit comprises of Preparation, On-site Audit and Report Writing.

In preparation, the audit team may carry out document review of the organisation’s management documented information to determine whether the documented information meets the audit criteria and identification of any additional documents needed for review. The preparation also includes planning for the on-site audit

The audit team will basically carry out the following during the audit.

1) Opening Meeting
2) Commencing Audit (audit methodology comprises of document review, physical inspection & interview)
3) Closing Meeting

The audit team leader will provide a written WSH Audit report for each audit to the client. Such report will be provided with identified opportunities for improvement without recommending specific solutions. Client will receive softcopy of the WSH Audit report and Testimony of Audit within 14 working days.

The WSH Audit Report will also have the SAC Mark included on the first page of the audit report with QAI Certification logo located next to the SAC Mark

Reference to special audits, auditing and use of marks for Auditing Organisation:

Clients are to conform to the following requirement upon receiving the WSH Audit Report from QAI Certification:

1) Does not use or permit the use of the QAI Certification’s audit report or testimony or the QAI Certification mark in communication media such as the Internet, brochures or advertising, or other documents;
2) Does not make or permit any misleading statement regarding the audit;
3) Does not use or permit the use of an audit report or testimony or any part thereof in a misleading manner; &
4) Allow special audits upon occurrence of serious incident/ accident/ non-compliance of statutory requirements.